D H – Nairne

So good… feel connected… no pain since first visit… emotional anger/pain is gone… in a deeply relaxed space.

S C – Semaphore

I was so grateful for the massage I had… with Judy. I had the best night’s sleep for a long time that night… On Monday I had a wonderful massage courtesy of Judy… I just wanted you to know how grateful I am for these wonderful people.

M C – Athelstone

This feels luxurious … I haven’t felt touch like this for many years.

D C – Brighton

Truly amazing. With my 5-year-old son going through Leukaemia life has been overwhelming and painful to say the least. … I never felt so relaxed, centred and feel as though I can deal with the hard year ahead much easier. The tension that is lifted is “truly amazing”. Judy is such a gentle and understanding […]

C V – Greenwith

The massages have been incredibly beneficial and have both come at times of immense anxiety and pressure due to circumstances relating to my little man.

J G – Belair

What a wonderful, holistic experience. I firmly believe that massage is of great benefit to the body as a whole during times of stress and feels sure that for children undergoing chemotherapy it would be very helpful. Thank you for the opportunity to enjoy this experience – it has been a moment of great comfort […]

A G-S – Highgate

The ongoing stress for a parent associated with childhood cancer can be relentless and draining. Judy’s massage is a chance to switch off, relax and clear negative thought. It gives the body a chance to revive and restore itself. A series of massages would be ideal – will have to work on that! Thank you […]