M R – Rostrevor

That was really good. … I really needed that. … My body just went “ahhhh”.

F J – Ashton

So relaxed. Amazing… Judy, I had the best sleep since I cannot remember. I feel much more free in the abdomen and even managed to empty my bowels with no straining this morning. You are truly heaven sent!

A B – Golden Grove

Feet are back to normal size… I can put my shoes on again, no pain in my knees.

J F – Marble Hill

The lymphatic massage was so soft, calming and soothing. It was exactly what I needed the day prior to abdominal surgery required for Lymphoma diagnosis. I believe I was still experiencing the benefits from this massage well after the surgery took place. Judy is very professional and caring.

D V – Littlehampton

I got MS, and because of this my legs swelled up. When I went to [Aged Care Facility] they brought in a lovely lady called Judy. Using her skills of gentle touching my body and activating the nodes to reduce the swelling and by massaging my body, she enabled the lymphoedema to reduce a lot […]

B A – Clapham

Judy – comes into our home to attend to my elderly Mum – who suffers from Dementia Alzheimer’s Vascular. The role of massage touch therapy has proven to be so beneficial to Mum’s overall wellbeing. Judy, handles the situation beautifully giving Mum total Respect, Care and Warmth. Judy is a delightful, generous and tactful lady […]

K C – Sydney

Thank you so much. Sunni said really lovely things about your skills and experience. Please organise regular massages. It makes me happy that I can help her via your massage. Sunni said in a message to me: “She’s really good and very knowledgeable. I think the lymphatic drainage is going to help me. Thank you […]

B R – North Adelaide

Very relaxed – luxurious… I have been feeling much better since your wonderful massage.