Thank you for my massage. It was really relaxing and enjoyable. I drifted off to sleep and when I woke up I felt much better. It helps me feel calm.


“Really nice” “She loved it” “Really good … really fantastic”“This is fantastic…I’ll come back again anytime, even when I am well”


“How did she get so good at that?” – 8 year old comment to her mother“She was very flat before, now she is very energised” – mother


My son finds it relaxing and it destresses him, allowing him to focus on “nice feelings” instead of health concerns. It should be offered as complimentary therapy on ward for oncology patients able to “manage” such therapy.

P. D – Unley

The two lymph drainage sessions I had with you to date have been a very relaxing and nurturing experience. My arm feels softer afterwards, and the swelling definitely reduced. I’m really grateful that you are there!

L H – Woodville

I remember the very first time I had my Bars run. I sat up. I got off the table and it was like I was floating. I actually smiled with my whole face, for the very first time. In a very long, long time, probably in my whole life. I could actually smile with my […]

A B – Childhood Cancer Association

Mrs Valero is very passionate about oncology massage and this is demonstrated in her knowledge of paediatric oncology massage and all in the time she spends with and level of care she takes in working with families. … The feedback we have received from clients whom she has provided massage therapy to and the treating […]

T R – Palliative Care Service

Thanks so much for your gift of massage and spiritual support to our patients and carers. You share your amazing skills and attributes with them. We are very grateful for gifting your time and skills to our service.

S N – Palliative Ward

Judy attended ward today and gave a massage to Alice which she found very beneficial. Alice has been requiring significant amounts of pain relief via her ITC however, this afternoon, has only required one up to this time. Alice said that she would love to have another massage if at all possible … Great outcome […]

T R – Palliative Care Service

I know that Paula and Brian thanked you yesterday when you were there. Sally asked me to pass on their feedback to her as well. Sally said that they “loved the massage” and that “Paula was crying: she was so happy about it”.