Swelling, or oedema, in the body is the build-up of fluid in the tissues. Normal swelling can occur after an injury. Sprained ankles, sporting injuries, dental extractions and surgery are common reasons for normal swelling to occur. During normal healing processes, the excess fluid is removed by the lymphatic system, and swelling, pain and discomfort are reduced.

Unexplained swelling can have a variety of causes. Some reasons are to do with the blood system, some may have to do with a lymphatic system that is not functioning at its best. For example, swelling around the feet and ankles may be related to poor blood circulation in the lower legs. Or the lymphatic system could be temporarily overloaded. For example, the system could be temporarily overloaded and just need some help through specialised massage techniques.

Chronic overload may occur if some of the lymph vessels and nodes become damaged from surgery or radiation. Sometimes a person may have been born with fewer lymph collectors than normal and now an incident is triggering overload for the system. Arthritis and inflammatory conditions, hormone cycles, obesity are some other causes for swelling in the legs and feet.

Unexplained fluid retention may also be symptomatic of serious medical conditions such as heart, kidney or liver disease. Seeking medical advice is recommended.

Our mobile massage services allow clients to receive swelling reduction treatments from the most convenient location for you. If you have any queries about our massage services, or would like to make a booking, please feel welcome to call Judy on 0423 041 122.

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oncology massage conditions other adelaide

Client stories


Ruth, senior client

Ruth, in her nineties, lived independently in a small flat. Her legs and feet had been swollen for some time and her mobility had greatly decreased. Her doctor had requested lymphatic massage to assist with lower leg swelling. Ruth was unable to lie on a massage table but she was able to stretch out in her recliner rocking chair. Massage was modified for both her and my position of comfort. Ruth enjoyed several massages and commented on the reduced swelling around her feet and ankles and that walking with her frame was much better. We discussed compression stockings and self help measures. Ruth decided to try resting and elevating her legs more often.


Josie, surgical client

Josie, was in her early sixties, and was requiring a dental extraction. She knew about self help lymphatic drainage massage and decided to use it both before and after her visit to the dentist. Just before the appointment, Josie sat in her car for fifteen minutes and gently massaged her neck, face and jaw area. Immediately after the extraction, as she was walking back to the car, Josie started to decongest lymph nodes at the base of her neck. Once in the car, she sat and started lymphatic massage again. She repeated the massage regularly over the next few hours. To her delight she did not experience and swelling or discomfort.


Juliet, senior client

Juliet, nearly seventy years old, had multiple health problems. The swelling in her lower legs and feet was due to chronic venous insufficiency and her doctor requested lymphatic massage to assist her. Juliet found it difficult to get up from a chair or her bed, or to walk. Putting on or taking off footwear was a problem. Her legs were aching and painful. After the massage, Juliet noticed increased that her legs felt softer and that her knees could bend with more ease.


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