Palliative massage

Services that aim to enhance a person’s quality of life and instil a greater sense of emotional and physical wellbeing.

Relief and comfort

Palliative care focuses on managing the symptoms of someone with a life limiting condition, whether or not they are pursuing curative treatment. Palliative care transitions seamlessly into end of life care, and massage can be beneficial along this journey. A welcome and familiar pattern of touch provides relief and comfort. As individuals decline in health, their massage transitions to smaller areas with lighter and slower touch, or simply compassionate holds. They still appreciate receiving touch that is tender and nurturing and attention that is focused and caring.

As with all our massage services, palliative care massage is mindfully tailored in order to suit the needs and circumstances of the client. We ensure that each session is conducted with consideration to the client’s physical and mental needs, along with diagnosis, symptoms, medications and current or past treatments.

Our mobile services allow clients to receive treatments from any location and allow flexibility when it comes to positioning options for the duration of the massage.

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judy consulting with aged care patient
judy consulting with aged care patient

Client stories


Paul, Palliative massage client

Paul was a medical professional specialising in men’s health. He had a young family, and he was dying. I was asked to visit him at home and offer him massage. Slowly he found a position of comfort. Through the window he could see the nearby lake and the birds flying. Music was playing gently. He closed his eyes and relaxed. Afterwards, as Paul was thanking me, tears started to roll down his face. He said that it was beautiful, the first good experience he had received in the last eighteen months. His wife, who was at his side, was crying too. They were both profoundly touched by the experience. I visited Paul for another three occasions.


Igor, Palliative massage client

Igor lived in a residential aged care facility. He was near ninety years, and was suffering from dementia and advanced prostate cancer. His care had shifted from the palliative management of symptoms to focused end of life care. Igor did not have a family, so distant relatives arranged for me to offer Igor palliative massage. He loved our few sessions together. Even with his dementia, Igor recognised me when I arrived, and lit up. Afterwards he would blow me a kiss of thanks. The massages kept changing. During his last few weeks, his body adopted a more fixed position and any movement seemed to create pain. I simply focused on those areas of skin that could be accessed with minimum disturbance. The effect of very slow gentle rhythm touch on a small area still created deep full body relaxation for Igor.

Karen, Palliative massage client

Karen, nearly seventy, was recently diagnosed with lung cancer which had metastasized to her lower spine, ribs, liver, adrenal glands, heart and kidneys. Still reeling in shock from the diagnosis, she had undergone radiation therapy and was now starting chemotherapy. Karen was also principal carer for her ninety eight year old mother. Now the roles were reversed. Karen’s condition was deteriorating rapidly and she was experiencing symptoms of pain, nausea, fatigue and weight loss. Karen had been used to deep tissue massage but was looking forward to a massage style that would help her body and mind to deeply relax. During the massage, her mother and other family members would poke their head around the door, smile and disappear. Later that day Karen sent a text “Thanks Judy! All went really well! Much appreciated ❤ “


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