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While massage treatments do not directly treat the cancer itself, they can help reduce side effects and improve overall wellbeing. Some of the benefits of massage therapy for cancer treatments include reduction of pain, fatigue, nausea and anxiety. Massage can also promote improvements in sleep, the health of scar tissue, quality of life and range of movement. Other benefits, reported by patients, include an improved body image and a decreased sense of isolation. Safe therapeutic massage can be administered to people at all stages of cancer by a therapist with specialised training.

There is no “one size fits all” massage for someone with a cancer diagnosis. Just as there are over two hundred different cancer diagnoses, the same cancer can present differently in different people. Or the same client may present in very different ways over a short period of time. A trained oncology massage therapist can work with each client to create a safe session unique to that person, time and place.

After surgery, massage may help pain and swelling reduction, and improve scars and adhesions. After radiation or chemotherapy, massage may help reduce post treatment fatigue.

Choosing massage as supportive care is one way that clients report that they improve their mental health and feel a sense of control in their healing process.

Trained by the internationally accredited Oncology Massage Training organisation, Judy, our oncology massage therapist, is attentive and flexible when it comes to delivering massage services. If you have any queries about our massage services, or would like to make a booking, please feel welcome to call Judy on 0423 041 122.

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Client stories

Donna, massage client

Donna was a woman in her mid fifties with a breast cancer diagnosis. We worked together on numerous occasions throughout her diagnosis and treatment. Oncology massage was helpful to decrease her stress levels and general anxiety. Jane suffered from increasing brain fog with each round of chemo. She described the brain impairment as a disability, her most significant side effect. Access Consciousness energetic Body Processes were used to decrease the effects of post chemo brain fog. Donna reported that overnight her brain seemed to clear and she felt normal again. Following completion of chemo, Donna wanted to fly overseas to visit family. She had just begun to notice symptoms of lymphoedema, so I provided manual lymphatic drainage massage, education about lymphoedema and different pathways for self-management, and recommended that she wear a medical graduated compression arm sleeve. Wearing the arm sleeve enabled Donna to manage the flight and trip with ease.

Raul, massage client

Raul was a young adult with a leukaemia diagnosis. He was in the city for treatment, far from family and friends. Only his mother could be with him. Raul was experiencing anxiety, fatigue and low energy levels, nausea, vomiting and mouth sores. His platelets and neutrophils were low. He complained about lower back pain following lumbar puncture. I was asked to offer Raul massage to help him relax and reduce his pain. Raul was curled up on his side, receiving chemotherapy in the outpatients clinic. He was happy for any help to ease his back pain. I drew the curtains around the area where he and his mother were and started the massage music. The gentle massage focussed on his back and shortly he turned off the tv and closed his eyes. Afterwards he said “That was really good … my back feels good.”

Kind words

Judy attended ward today and gave a massage to Alice which she found very beneficial. Alice has been requiring significant amounts of pain relief via her ITC however, this afternoon, has only required one up to this time. Alice said that she would love to have another massage if at all possible … Great outcome for our patient. Thank you Judy.

S N - Palliative Ward

So relaxed. Amazing… Judy, I had the best sleep since I cannot remember. I feel much more free in the abdomen and even managed to empty my bowels with no straining this morning. You are truly heaven sent!

F J - Ashton

Very relaxed – luxurious… I have been feeling much better since your wonderful massage.

B R - North Adelaide

A week after the last chemo I can definitely say that the energy work helps ease the cognitive impairment. It was the most debilitating aspect of treatment and it was a welcome surprise not to have it escalate throughout these last two rounds of chemo. I still had fatigue but that’s lifting now. Thank you for your support, I’ve really appreciated it.


I feel surprisingly clear headed this morning! Probably the best Sat after chemo so far! It will be interesting to see how the rest of the day goes.


After having a massage I have been aware of life’s energy flowing through my body for several days. I honour where Judy is coming from as love, truth and light flow through her higher self to her healing hands. I feel the unconditional healing that is carried to me, through you. Thank you Judy.

P L - Plympton

Truly amazing… I have never felt so relaxed, centred and feel as though I can deal with this hard year ahead much easier.

J D - Rosewater
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