Gentle touch and lymphatic massage are helpful for many injuries and health conditions.

People with a debilitating health conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease and Motor Neuron Disease find that gentle massage can be adapted for their needs.

Lymphatic massage helps stimulate a normal-but-sluggish lymphatic system, aiding in injury recovery and detoxification. It has been adopted by spas and beauty salons for its cosmetic benefits. Athletes and sports people use lymphatic massage as an aid to recovery. It is helpful before and after surgery, including plastic surgery. Pregnant women enjoy it.

Other clients may have swollen feet and legs from a variety of other causes, such as diabetes. Chronic venous disorders such as varicose veins may be associated with swollen legs and feet. Injury or trauma such as burns or extensive scaring can lead to lymphoedema.

Dependent oedema is a term used to describe gravity-related swelling in the lower body. Dependent oedema may happen to people with limited mobility due to paralysis, stroke, ALS, or another condition. They are often bedridden or spend much time in a wheel chair.

Gentle touch massage services can help a large range of conditions which are not limited to those listed above. An evaluation with your massage therapist before you begin your treatment will ensure that all your physical and mental needs are being met and taken into consideration when it comes to the way the service will be delivered.

If you have any special requirements, needs or questions about any type of massage, please feel welcome to call Judy on 0423 041 122.

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Client stories

Iris, Motor neurone client

Iris was a woman in her sixties, with Motor Neuron Disease. When I met her, she had lost the ability to move and speech was difficult. She lived in a recliner chair in the lounge room and enjoyed regular visitors. She loved receiving massage to her arms and hands, legs and feet. Afterwards she always tried to smile and make a sound of thanks. Iris enjoyed several massages over a few months as her condition deteriorated. Our last two massages were on the palliative ward of the nearby hospital. Her husband would close the door to her room, massage music would start to play, and Iris would close her eyes and sink into relaxation. Afterwards her eyes would opened and smile thanks.

Donald, Amputee client

Donald had been born with one club foot and chose elective amputation when he was thirteen. The knee and upper leg had ongoing oedema which was managed by regular lymphatic drainage massage. Donald was a visitor to my city and required a massage session. “I’m floating”, he said afterwards.

Sally, multiple sclerosis client

Sally, a woman in her sixties, had a multiple sclerosis diagnosis. She was now a quadriplegic. She lived at home with her family and a full time carer. I was asked to provide massage as part of her palliative care plan. Sally loved her massage. Her limbs would receive nurturing touch with special attention to her contracted hands. Afterwards she would always communicate her appreciation.

Kind words

Feet are back to normal size… I can put my shoes on again, no pain in my knees.

A B - Golden Grove

The lymphatic massage was so soft, calming and soothing. It was exactly what I needed the day prior to abdominal surgery required for Lymphoma diagnosis. I believe I was still experiencing the benefits from this massage well after the surgery took place. Judy is very professional and caring.

J F - Marble Hill

I got MS, and because of this my legs swelled up. When I went to [Aged Care Facility] they brought in a lovely lady called Judy. Using her skills of gentle touching my body and activating the nodes to reduce the swelling and by massaging my body, she enabled the lymphoedema to reduce a lot in size.

D V - Littlehampton
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