Oncology massage

With benefits such as easing symptoms of anxiety, pain, fatigue, and nausea, oncology massage is a rewarding way to allow your body a moment of relaxation and calm.

Improving quality of life

Oncology massage therapy is designed for those undergoing cancer treatment or those who have had cancer treatment in the past. It aims to improve quality of life by relieving some of the short- and long-term side effects of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

Oncology massage is a safe specialised massage that is used in hospitals and cancer centres in many countries as a support to conventional medical treatment. Your oncology massage therapist will mindfully adjust time, pressure and positioning to your unique circumstances.

Massage is adapted for fatigue, low blood cell counts, blood clots, peripheral neuropathy, bone pain and metastases, removal of lymph nodes and lymphoedema, medical devices, radiation and surgery, and late effects of treatment. Each session is delivered with careful consideration for the needs of the person on the given day, while the massage strokes are slow and soothing in order to initiate the body’s natural relaxation response.


Scientific research supports its value as a complementary therapy to assist with the non-pharmacological management of symptoms associated with anti-cancer treatments. Oncology massage may ease symptoms such as anxiety, pain, fatigue, nausea, constipation and headaches. A much appreciated benefit is a deep sense of relaxation and reduction of stress.

The Clinical Oncology Society of Australia is the peak national body representing health professionals whose work encompasses cancer control and care. In its May 2013 Position Statement, about the use of complementary and alternative medicine by cancer patients, COSA encourages patients to find massage practitioners, preferably with oncology experience, to deliver massage treatment.

Our oncology massage services

Our mobile services allow clients to receive oncology massage treatments from any location. Oncology massage can be received on a massage table, in a chair, bed or any other position of comfort. We also allow full flexibility when it comes to the duration of the massage.

Trained by the internationally accredited Oncology Massage Training organisation, Judy, our oncology massage therapist, is attentive and flexible when it comes to delivering massage services.

If you have any queries about our oncology massage services, or would like to make a booking, please feel welcome to contact or call Judy on 0423 041 122.

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Client stories


Kym, Oncology massage client

Kym had been a professional ballet dancer, and was now a teacher of dance. After a leukaemia diagnosis, Kym underwent chemotherapy, then total body irradiation and stem cell transplant. Six months later she was experiencing some minor ongoing pain and considerable stress and anxiety. Kym enjoyed a series of gentle, nurturing oncology massages. She said that they were fabulous and the best thing she could have done for herself before returning to work.


Jeremy, Oncology massage client

Jeremy was a family man with two young children. He’d had a kidney removed due to a tumour. This had been followed by immunotherapy and now he was part of a new chemotherapy trial. More tumour spots had been found on his remaining kidney. Things were not looking good. He had been following a vegan diet, exercising consistently, and practicing meditation. His full time work commitments were stressful and his body just needed to relax. Jeremy did not want a massage that was light and fluffy. “I’ve tried that and it doesn’t do anything for me”, he said as he introduced himself. I adapted my relaxation massage to meet his needs for variety yet still coax the body to unwind. “That was excellent”, he said afterwards. “The best one ever”.

Valerie, Oncology massage client

Valerie was a fifty year old woman diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck. She had part of her lower jaw removed during surgery and had received radiation therapy to the face and neck and ongoing chemotherapy. It was difficult for Valerie to open her mouth and swallow food so she received most of her nutrition via a peg feed. Valerie enjoyed many massages over her last year. She would have a warm fire burning, beautiful music selected and lovely essential oils scenting the room. During her massages Valerie would relax deeply and never want them to finish. “Wonderful … Don’t stop”, she would say. Her massage sessions were punctuated by increasing visits to hospital to sort out ongoing side effects from her treatment. Even as her care become end of life care, Valerie treasured her massage experiences.


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