Allow the simple strokes of a lymphatic drainage massage session to ease the pain and discomfort caused by secondary lymphoedema, and leave you feeling light and rejuvenated.

Reduce and control swelling

Lymphoedema is often an unfortunate and common side effect of surgery and radiation therapy, which occurs when too much fluid builds up in areas of body, such as the arms or legs. Lymphatic drainage massage is generally experienced as a very light, slow and gentle massage. It addresses the whole lymphatic system, not muscles, and aims to relieve areas of lymph congestion, and increase lymph collection and transport. Clients say that it is deeply relaxing.

Lymphatic massage may be one component of lymphoedema management, depending on individual circumstances. Learning self help lymphatic massage may be beneficial. Compression bandages and garments may be required to support the results of lymphatic massage.

The benefits of lymphatic drainage massage include reduced swelling, reduced pain, increased tissue metabolism, improved nutrition in tissues and deep relaxation.

Our services aim to reduce and control swelling of the affected areas, improve range of movement and prevent infection. We use the Casley-Smith complex lymphatic therapy method for working with lymphoedema.

Our mobile services allow clients to receive treatments from any location and enable flexibility when it comes to the duration of the massage.

If you have any queries about our lymphatic massage services, or would like to make a booking, please feel welcome to call Judy on 0423 041 122.

lymphatic drainage massage underneath armpit adelaide
lymphatic drainage massage underneath armpit adelaide

Client stories



Faith, a woman in her seventies, had been treated for breast cancer ten years earlier. She had received breast mastectomy with lymph node clearance, breast reconstruction, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and hormonal therapy. Recently she had been diagnosed with late onset lymphoedema in her left arm. She also experienced considerable back and knee pain which she attributed to many falls in her younger years as a snow and water skier. The swollen arm now affected her ability to dress and do housework.

Faith came for lymphatic massage and advice to help her manage her condition. She reported that her arm looked thinner and that she slept well and deeply following her massage. She was keen to try self massage, deep breathing, exercises and skin care. She would consider a compression arm sleeve later.


Darcy was retired and suffered from multiple sclerosis. He could no longer be cared for at home and was now living at a new local aged care facility. He unable to walk, his legs had been swelling for some months. I was asked to visit him and offer manual lymphatic drainage to improve the swollen legs. The legs were considerably enlarged and there was some skin breakdown and fluid leakage.

Throughout the massage I educated both Darcy, a physiotherapist and his carers about lymphoedema, management pathways and how to do carer assisted lymphatic massage. Darcy chose to use compression wraps to manage the swelling in both feet and lower legs. These were easy for carers to apply and enabled skin problems to be effectively treated. Staff were now able to support Darcy with carer assisted lymphatic massage on a regular basis. At follow up visits the clinical care coordinator said how delighted she and Darcy were with his legs.

lymphatic drainage massage in the lower leg region adelaide

Beatrice, a woman in her fifties, recently underwent treatment for breast cancer, including mastectomy with some lymph node removal. This was shortly followed by breast reconstruction involving tissue taken from the abdomen, and which left a large scar across the lower abdomen. A few weeks later Beatrice noticed fluid accumulating in both legs and it was becoming difficult to lift her legs or to walk very far.

Lymphatic drainage massage, scar release work, and aquatic based exercise enabled the return of mobility and normal leg size.

lymphatic drainage massage in the lower leg region adelaide

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