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I’d love a massage….and I’ve got cancer

I’d love a massage.

And I’ve got cancer … where do I start?

I’m looking for more ease and comfort in my life right now … how do I find it?

Who can provide the massage that I’m looking for?

Massage can be a powerful tool to help relax and bring a sense of peace to body and mind.

For someone with a cancer diagnosis, appropriate skilled massage may create the relief that is sought.

What questions could be asked when seeking a therapist?

  • Is my therapist able to work with me in hospital, or at home? Do I need to go to a clinic?
  • Does my therapist understand my particular cancer diagnosis, my treatment, the medications I’m taking, the side effects that I am experiencing, and how I am really feeling, right now?
  • What experience has she had in working with people like me?
  • Will she/he ask for a detailed medical history, so as to be really clear about my journey?
  • What specialised training has she or he had? Who was it with? Was it training to both a national and an international standard?
  • Can this massage help with tight scar tissue which is creating limited arm movement?
  • Is my therapist really aware of my risk for lymphoedema?
  • My platelets are low. Can this therapist still work with me?
  • I’m feeling really stressed. I just need time out from the world. Can my massage therapist help with this?
  • My last cancer treatment was years ago – and my body still needs special care. Will my therapist understand and work with these long term effects on my body?
  • I am so exhausted and feel really low. I just need to feel nurtured by touch. Can my therapist offer this to me through massage? Will I feel safe?
  • My partner is near the end of his/her journey – will my massage therapist be able to meet his/her touch needs? Does she have experience with palliative care?
  • Will my therapist ask for a medical clearance from my doctor?
  • Are there some brochures I can take to my doctor’s clinic?

Finding a massage therapist who can provide a safe and effective massage to meet your needs is relatively easy.

In Australia, this specialised training is delivered by Oncology Massage Training, a non profit organisation with both national and international accreditation. The OMT website maintains a list of qualified practitioners in every state.