Scar management

Scar formation is part of the natural healing process. Scars may heal beautifully or may look unsightly, create tugging or pulling sensations, or restrict range of motion of an arm or chest wall. They may also be associated with cording or trapped pockets of lymphatic

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mobile touch therapy and massage service by Judy Valero

Funding support for overseas study tour

I was working with an elderly palliative care client. She was dying and the family, who lived overseas, had requested nurturing touch. The son had flown in to be with his mother. Later, after her death, we were chatting and I was talking about how

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Adelaide mobile touch therapy and massage service

I’d love a massage….and I’ve got cancer

I’d love a massage. And I’ve got cancer … where do I start? I’m looking for more ease and comfort in my life right now … how do I find it? Who can provide the massage that I’m looking for? Massage can be a powerful

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